Our Return Policy

1. Orders that are verified with customers on stock product that has shipped and accepted in  the customers possession can be returned within 30 days with the customers responsibility for the return freight and a 20% restocking fee applied.

2. Orders that accompany a hard copy purchase order cannot be returned.

3. Wrong product sent by Allied to our customer will be replaced at no charge to the customer.

4. Special Orders that read “Special” on their invoices cannot be returned.

5. Damaged products that has been returned may not be credited. Product must be in its original packaging and unopened for the return to be accepted.

6. The customer is responsible for any damage that occurs during the return shipment. Any product that was damaged will not be credited.

7. Orders over 30 days from the invoice date can not be returned. Partial uses and opened merchandise may not be returned.

8. Exchange Orders are the customers responsibility to pay the return freight back on the original order and no restocking fee will apply.

9. All orders must have a Return Authorization number to be accepted or Product will be refused at our warehouse and returned to the customer.

Cancellation Policy

All orders are verified through our verification department with our customers and orders can be cancelled at that time. Customers can cancel at any time provided the order has not shipped from our warehouse, most orders are shipped the same day we received them. You can contact our customer service department to see the status of your order. Once an item has shipped and been accepted the terms of our return policy will take affect.

Special Orders

Special orders are items that we do not carry on our floor and we have to special order these products for our customers. We also are subjected to restocking fees and non returnable merchandise from our vendors. This is why we do not accept back special merchandise.

Credit card orders

All orders paid by credit card and authorized by the customer at the time of verification is subjected to a 20% restocking fee and a 10% transaction fee for the return of funds if the customer wants to return the order within 30 days. Orders over 30 days cannot be returned and special orders on a credit card cannot be returned.

If a customer is subjected to a 20% restocking fee a form will be faxed or emailed for the customer to sign and agree to the terms. After restocking fee is paid via check or credit card our returns department will issue the RMA for the merchandise to be returned to our warehouse.

If you would like us to send you the return form please contact customer service or email our customer service at AR@alliedsupplies.net

Please contact our Returns Department for any issues you may have concerning your order. Please have your invoice or order number so we can look up your order.

Customer Service (951) 737-7831
Our Fax : (951) 737-7916
Email: ar@alliedsupplies.net

Note: If you are returning merchandise under our return policy guide line please make sure the merchandise is being returned in its original packaging and sealed up properly.

Return must be completed no later than invoice due date. RA Numbers are only valid until the customers invoice date and will not be accepted after that.